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Ultimate Tool Kit – AR15
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Ultimate Tool Kit – AR15

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VTARUVB – Upper Receiver Block for AR-15

A modular AR15/ M4 upper receiver block for performing work on your upper receiver.

You may just use the lower vice block by itself by clamping the lower vice block to a bench vice and attaching the upper receiver to the vice block with the two included ¼” receiver cotterless hitch pins.

Removing the two outer hex bolts from the lower vice block separates it from the upper receiver block. The upper half of the receiver block slides into the upper receiver like a bolt carrier group. The lower vice block bolts onto the upper receiver block to fully support the inside and bottom surfaces of the upper receiver for installation or removal of a barrel. This prevents the damaging of the upper receiver from distortion/twisting/ bending of the receiver when installation/removal of a stubborn seized barrel nut. This also leaves the outside of your upper receiver completely open and free for mounting optics, sights, and accessories.

The upper receiver block also has a hole through the length of the block to act as a bore brush guide for cleaning out the bore of the barrel.

VTARW3 – Pro Series AR15 Barrel Wrench

Heavy duty barrel wrench works with MIL-SPEC barrel nuts for installation or removal of the barrel and free float handguards with the same hole spacing.
A 5/8” wrench on the opposite end for 5/8” muzzle brakes and flash suppressors.
The wrench is also ½” and 3/8” drive ratchet and breaker bar compatible.

VTARW4 – Pro Series AR Lower Receiver Wrench

Heavy duty castle nut wrench for M4 MIL-SPEC and commercial type collapsible stock buffer tubes.
A 3/4” wrench on the opposite end for the installation/removal of A2 buffer tubes.
The wrench is also ½” and 3/8” drive ratchet and breaker bar compatible.

TARFSCT – AR15/ M4 A1 & A2 Front Sight Adjustment Tool

Works with both A1 (5 prong) and A2 (4 prong) type front sight posts for zeroing your iron sights.

TARHR – AR15/M4 Handguard Removal Tool

AR-15/ M4 GI handguard removal tool. Works with Rifle, Carbine, & Mid-Length handguards. Hook end goes into the magazine well and the two arms slips over the Delta ring for leveraging against the Delta ring spring, for the installation or removal of two piece top/ bottom plastic type handguards.

Magazine well lower receiver vice block

AR15/ M4 mag block can be inserted into the 5.56/.223 type magazine wells just like a magazine. Lower receiver can be secured to the mag block if you have the magazine catch assembly installed onto the lower receiver.

Clamp the mag block onto a bench vice with the center protrusion’s flat side down. Place the lower receiver magazine well onto the mag block for working on your lower receiver on a bench vice. You may then work on your trigger group, bolt catch assembly, buffer tube, stock, and receiver pins in this position.

Clamp the mag block onto a bench vice with the center protrusion’s flat side up. The mag block can also be inserted through the top of the lower receiver, if you do not have the bolt catch installed. You can then mount the lower receiver upside down on a vice. You may then work on your pistol grip, trigger guard, buffer tube, and stock in this position.

Hand tools:

5/64″ steel punch – Gas Tube roll pin tool
3/32″ steel punch – Bolt Catch roll pin tool
1/8″ steel punch – Trigger Guard roll pin tool
Mallet with nylon & brass ends and wooden handle
1/4″ Hex screw driver handle with 5 each 1/4″ Hex driver tool bits: 3/16″ Hex bit, Philips PH2 & PH3 bits, Flat head #6 & #7 bits
Nylon Cleaning Brush with broad and narrow bristles brush heads

Ultimate Tool Kit – AR15
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